Citizen Energy
What is Citizen Energy? 
“Citizen Energy” is an idea, project, in which each city, each building, each household, each family and ultimately each citizen is clean and sustainable energy producer. 
Furthermore the goal is to make that idea clear, understandable and acceptable for widest global population. 
How is this possible? 
Actually answer to that question is quite simple. That is possible by somehow upgrading citizen’s private resources (houses, buildings, yards etc.) to convert natural energy (sun or wind, or combination of these), in the most effective way, into electric energy massively and in organized manner supported by world leading financial, social and political institutions.

Therefore this initiative is, by large part, communities oriented way of purchasing Vetar wind turbines and/or Vetrosun hybrid systems.

This means that if community decide to purchase 5000 units or more of Vetar 10, Vetar 15, Vetrosun 13i4.2 or Vetrosun 15i4.2 prices for each of these devices could  be one third lower.

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