Today global wind industry is bothered with several, as it seems, insurmountable challenges such as:  
  • Problems with high maintenance costs (if gearbox brakes down the cost of repair or replacing it will be almost as installing another wind turbine and if rotor brakes malfunction, uncontrolled rotor rotation can and often do destroy entire wind turbine). 
  • Issues with maximum height regulations. 
  • Environmental and community problems concerning high levels of noise and vibration, light flickering effect and birds and bets terminator effect.  
In regards to all of these large scale development problems we came up with Vetrohvat “the wind catcher”, unique patent pending solution.  

Advantages of Vetrohvat approach over large conventional wind turbines are

1. Modular power output - power output can be easily configured by simply adding or removing Vetar wind turbines. 
2. Higher reliability - multiunit energy output, no gearboxes. 
3. Higher productivity relative to rotor area cross section surface size - smaller rotors surface area, but also smaller overall mainframe surface area relative to same power conventional wind turbines. 
4. Much easier maintenance - it is much easier to clean and fix small size units than very large ones. 
5. Much easier installation of turbines - once mainframe installed, each turbine, weight only 760 kg, can be installed using even the smallest cranes which will simply place turbine on its position.  
6. Hybrid technology approach - same technology base can be used for other purposes, like telecommunications (Wi-Fi emitters, cell phone emitters, etc.) and security purposes (radars installations). It can also be upgraded with solar panels. 
7. Birds and bats friendly - differently from large wind turbines, which kills millions of birds and bats every year, ducted fast rotating rotors of Vetar 15 wind turbines are very noticeable for birds and bets which makes killing them or injuring them by turbines blades virtually impossible.  
8. Significantly reduced vibrations and stress on structure (prolonged life and increased structural resonance resistance) as well as reduced light flickering effect. 
Due to its modular nature it comes in 8 configurations from which two (75 kW and 105 kW) have two configuring types. Power configurations range from 45 to 510 kW.