VETROSUN  is a seamlessly integrated hybrid device for wind and solar energy conversion made from VETAR wind turbine and specially shaped solar panels.  

When placed together, solar panels form slanted platform which deflect air mass toward VETAR turbine intake.  

As a consequence air velocity in side turbine is increased which automatically increase VETAR normal energy output, in this case, for about 15%.  
VETROSUN is all locations solution for best utilization of both, wind and solar energy.  


It can be used individually or in array, in urban or rural environment. It can even be adapted to be used at buildings. 
What makes it especially usable is its implementation on valuable and agricultural lands. As it is elevated above the ground, at height of 7.6 metres, it allows for uninterrupted use of land for gardens, agriculture or livestock pastures.  

By this way Vetrosun solar panels are much more protected from vandalism and damage than usual solar panel installations which not only make the land unusable but are also very prone to damages.  
Vetrosun solutions can also be used as light sources for urban or rural applications with almost 36 metres in diameter light cone for 7.6 metres solar platform height options.